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A selection of frequently asked questions about RCS, devices and the Sinch RCS API.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if my handset is RCS capable?

While in Android Messages, you can select the 3 dots in the upper right side of the messages (thread) screen, then select "Settings", then "Advanced" and "Enhanced Features". You can see if RCS is toggled on or off.

If you do not see those options to enable enhanced features, then you do not have RCS capabilities.

How do I enable RCS for Android Messages?

The instructions below will prepare your device for RCS and to allow you to receive test messages from Sinch via the Google RCS Business Messaging service.

Set up a Google account

If you don't already have one, set up a Google account that gives you access to access to Gmail (for more information see this article

Add your Google account to the Android device

Follow the instructions in this article. Ensure the account set up before is the only Google account on the device.

Install Android Messages from the Play Store

If you already have Android Messages installed on the handset, it is best if you uninstall and re-install it after the Google account has been added. This will ensure you have the most recent version of Messages for RCS for testing.

Android Messages can be found on the Play Store

Ensure Google Carrier Services is up to date

An up-to-date version of Google Carrier Services should also be installed on the device. You can ensure you have the most recent version by going to the app page on the Google Play Store

Enable RCS in Android Messages

Please note: the location of some of the UI elements described in the steps below may vary from handset to handset.

  1. Open Android Messages. When prompted, approve Android Messages to become the default app for messaging
  2. Be sure the handset is connected to Wi-Fi and is in Airplane mode
  3. Tap the menu button (three vertical dots) in the top-right of the app
  4. Tap Settings
  5. Tap Chat features
  6. If the Enable chat features toggle is turned off, turn it on by tapping it once.
  7. If the Enable chat features toggle is already on, you’re all set!

Receiving your first test message

Once your device is configured and you have verified RCS is action, your Sinch account manager will need to make you a tester.

  1. Contact Sinch and request an ‘Agent Invite’ be sent to your device
  2. You will receive a message from '[email protected]' saying "You've been invited to become a tester of the RBM agent: [your_brand_name]"
  3. Tap "Make me a tester"

You will now be able to receive test messages

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A selection of frequently asked questions about RCS, devices and the Sinch RCS API.

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