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Sinch JavaScript SDK

See how the Sinch JavaScript SDK is evolving and find out about new features and bug fixes.

See how our platform is evolving. Keep track of new features, API versions and bug fixes.

2017-10-06 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.5

- Updated dependencies - Fix for App to Web compatibility - Bug fixes for recent Chrome and Firefox versions

2016-08-26 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.4

- Bug fix: Resolved issue with newer browsers using ECDSA for key generation

2016-01-27 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.3

- Added support for SIP Calling with Error header support

2015-12-17 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.2

- Added support for verification using Callout - Bug fix: Custom header support for native client compatibility

2015-10-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.1

- Bug fix: userAgent parsing when Safari running embedded in apps, solving “50 character” limit bug - Bug fix: verification of numbers containing spaces would fail - Bug fix: prevent sending Javascript objects in IM’s - Bug fix: Firefox from making voice over data calls to recent Android SDK - Bug fix: Firefox video calls to work with Chrome/Android - Bug fix: Early media 20s call issue resolved - Stability: Robust proxy fallback, using relay without srflx candidate

2015-09-25 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.4.0

- Introduced Sinch conference calling.

2015-06-24 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.3.1

- SMS Verification GA - Calling verify method on a previously verified verification object will return that it is a verified number.

2015-05-21 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.3.0

- Introducing SMS Verification Beta - New method in SinchClient, “createSmsVerification()” - New verification object (retrieved by createSmsVerification), with support for sending and resending a verification SMS as well as methods to validate a verification code - Sample application for SMS Verification - Increased call-setup timeout to 10s, in line with iOS & Android SDK - Enabled SinchClient to start without any capabilities - Bug fix: audio group calling (note: still beta feature)

2015-02-18 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.2.0

- New capability, “video” for video calling (beta) - New capability, “multiCall”, make sinchClient capable of handling multiple simultaneous calls (beta) - New method, callClient.callGroup(‘groupName’), for making video group calls (beta) - Support for calling native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and Android v3.5.0 and above) - Support for receiving calls from native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and Android SDK v3.5.0 and above)

2015-02-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.1.0

- Support for calling and receiving native clients (compatible with Sinch iOS SDK v3.4.0 and above) - Mute and unmute mic on a call using call.mute() and call.unmunte() - API Change: “startActiveConnection” configuration option now enables online capability and starts the active connection. - Automatic mute during call setup for privacy - Support for self signed requests for authentication (backend in Node) - Improved robustness on signalling issues and Firefox compatibility

2014-12-18 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 1.0

- API Change: Call timestamps are now javascript Date-objects - API Change: “supportActiveConnection” configuration option now only enable online capability, remember to manage your active connection using startActiveConnection() and stopActiveConnection() - API Change: “startActiveConnection” configuration option now enables online capability and starts the active connection. - Deprecated: SinchClient.stop(), replaced with terminate() - Performance: reduced instance count by reuse of instance across sessions - IM statistics are gathered and available in partner dashboard - Instant messaging capability, enabling developers to specifically allow or disallow certain sessions from receiving instance messages. - Bug fix: Call headers now available in onIncomingCall() - Bug fix: Early media will now playback properly if PSTN call fails. - Sinch added to npm repository for Node JS applications - Sinch added to Bower repository

2014-11-05 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.9 Beta

- Sample web application and backend demonstrating how to integrate authentication with your backend - Manage active connections with sinchClient.startActiveConnection() and sinchClient.stopActiveConnection(). **Important: Active connections MUST now be either started manually, or with option “supportActiveConnection: true” on SinchClient instantiation, if application will receive calls / IM.** - Send & Receive custom headers on call, new method: call.getHeaders() - Consolidate customer headers in Call Detail Reports (CDR) - Bug fixes & development convenience improvements - On demand signal connection; on incoming call or when making call, reduce open connection count - Handle quick/rapid hang-ups for web-to-web and web-to-phone calls - Timeouts on calling when recipient is not online - Proxy fallback on data calling

2014-10-17 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.8 Beta

- Application to application calling (web-to-web only) - Updated sample apps, web-to-web example added - Several bugfixes in Sinch SDK - Call reporting for statistics, PSTN & Data - Refactor build infrastructure for Node JS loader compatibility - Changed call.callEndCause to integers. For human readable end-cause use call.getEndCause() - Fixed bug: Client timestamps synchronized with backend

2014-09-04 | Sinch SDK JavaScript 0.9.7 Beta

This is the first public beta version, which includes:
  • Instant messaging
  • App to Phone Calling
  • Partner user management
  • Sinch user management

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Sinch JavaScript SDK

See how the Sinch JavaScript SDK is evolving and find out about new features and bug fixes.

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