In our Sinch Customer Dashboard, you may have noticed that everything you do relating to the Sinch family of APIs is connected to a project. In the APIs, this parameter is the projectId.

Subprojects are similar to Sinch projects. Like projects, subprojects is a way to group resources together. The main differences to projects are:

  • Subprojects exit at the leaf of the account hierarchy and cannot own other (sub)projects.
  • Subprojects cannot be directly linked to a billing account. Only a parent project, or projectId can link to billing.
Status Note:

The subproject API is in closed beta.

Use Case

The primary use of subprojects is for scenarios where you act as a reseller for Sinch Products.

You can create a subproject for each one of your customers. If the customer decides to go in another direction, simply remove the subproject.

Usage for each customer is measured separately.


pays for
pays for
Your Corporation
Your Sinch Billing Account
Direct use project
Resale project
Customer 1
Customer 2
Customer 3
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