iOS Miscellaneous Verfication SDK

Find minimum requirements and information about Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) Queues.

Minimum requirements

iOS 7.0 is the minimum version required for using the Sinch SDK (iOS Deployment Target).

Grand Central Dispatch (GCD) Queues

By default the SINSMSVerification invokes the completion handler blocks on the main thread or main GCD queue. This can be changed by using -[SINVerification setCompletionQueue:].

Size footprint: SinchVerification.framework file size compared to linked size

The SinchVerification.framework bundle includes a fat library containing the architectures armv7, arm64, i386 and x86_64. When linking an application target against the SinchVerification.framework targeting an iOS device, it will add approximately 3Mb per architecture slice.

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