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MM7 Service

MMS APIs are currently offered via an implementation of the MM7 protocol. MM7 is the standard protocol used by the carriers to send and receive MMS messages. It is a SOAP based protocol sent over HTTP. MM7 supports the following API actions:

Action Functionality
mm7_submit Send an MT Message to a device.
mm7_deliver Receive an MO message from the device.
mm7_deliveryreport Receive a Delivery report for a previously submitted MT MMS Message.

The use of our MM7 API is only available for accounts with a paid plan. We support submitting MMS messages with MM7 version 5.3.0 to 6.8.0. Your VASPID will be your API Key. We will also issue you a VASID to submit with your message. The VASID will be unique on each short code. All traffic is encrypted in transit via SSL/TLS.

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MM7 Service

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