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Send and receive messages over the most popular channels in the world using the Conversation API.

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Conversation API

Send and receive messages globally over SMS, RCS, WhatsApp, Viber Business, Facebook messenger and other popular channels with ease and confidence using the Sinch Conversation API.

The Sinch Conversation API endpoint uses built-in transcoding gives you the power of conversation across all supported channels and, if required, full control over channel specific features. Additionally, a single callback contains all aspects of the conversation for easy integration into the Sinch portfolio of services or any third-party platform.

The Sinch Conversation API is available globally with hosting locations in the US - East and the EU - Ireland, and additional channels will be supported as they become popular. If you are interested and are an existing customer, please contact your account manager. If you are a new customer, please contact a Sinch representative.

Supported Conversation API Channels and Message Types

Our Conversation API supports multiple channels that can be used to send different message types. These supported channels and more information can be found by clicking here.

Supported Message Types

Message Type Description
Text message A message containing only text.
Media message A message containing media such as images, GIFs, documentation and video.
Choice message A message containing "choices"/"actions" and description.
Card message A rich message which consists of text and description with image or video. It can also contain a set of "choices"/"actions."
Carousel message A list of cards rendered horizontally on our supported channels (Messenger, Viber Bot and RCS) and as a numbered list on SMS, Viber Business Messages and WhatsApp.
Location message A message defining a physical location on a map.
Template message A message with predefined template. Requires an existing template.