Verify a user using Flashcall verification with Android SDK

This guide shows how to verify a user in an Android application using the Verification SDK to make a Flashcall verification.

The following diagram demonstrates the flow that happens to verify a user:


  1. The end user uses your Android application and tries to log in.
  2. Your application initiates a Flashcall verfication attempt.
  3. The Sinch Android Verification SDK initiates a Flashcall verification request.
  4. From that point any incoming phone call number will be intercepted and checked by the Sinch SDK if it matches expected mask.
  5. The Sinch platform calls the phone number of the user.
  6. The full number that passed initial mask check will be sent by the SDK to the Sinch Verification Platform.
  7. If the number matches, you will receive a success callback from the Sinch SDK.
  8. The end user, now verified, is allowed to enter your application.

Next steps

Now you're ready to get started by adding Sinch Android Verificaiton SDK to your Android application.