Sinch MMS overview

Unleash the Power of MMS with Sinch's Versatile APIs

Empower your communication strategies with Sinch's robust MMS APIs, designed to seamlessly integrate rich media into your messaging workflows. Elevate customer engagement, drive conversions, and deliver personalized experiences through captivating images, videos, and interactive content.

Sinch MMS is available in the following destinations:

  • US
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Puerto Rico

Sinch offers versatile methods for utilizing MMS:

JSON API: Bulk Messaging Made Easy

Ideal for bulk messaging, our streamlined JSON API simplifies sending, receiving and saving the same MMS content to large audiences. It offers the flexibility to either upload MMS content, receive a ReferenceID for later use, or send it immediately without prior storage. API calls are made using HTTP POST requests with UTF-8 encoded JSON data, while MMS content is passed as content URLs.

Notice for existing customers

Existing customers can still access our legacy XML API here. We encourage new clients to use our enhanced JSON API, which offers improved features and support..


Our MM7 MMS API adheres to the widely adopted MM7 protocol, enabling smooth integration of your applications with the Sinch MMS platform. This API employs web services and SOAP/HTTP for communication, with multimedia messages transmitted to the MMS Relay/Server using XML-formatted HTTP POST requests, which include delivery information and the MMS message as a MIME-multipart attachment. Sinch also enables customers to receive MMS messages through webhook URLs/endpoints.

Integrating MMS into Your Existing Communication Workflows with Sinch

In addition to the dedicated MMS services listed above, Sinch empowers you to integrate rich media messaging into your existing communication workflows

  • Conversation API: The recommended way for new customers to integrate MMS. Unlock the full potential of omnichannel customer engagement. Deliver personalized, interactive experiences by integrating MMS into your conversational flows. Engage customers across multiple channels with rich media, driving deeper connections and lasting impressions.
  • Sinch's REST API: Seamlessly send and receive both SMS and MMS through a single connection. This unified approach enables SMS clients to enrich their businesses by supporting customer responses with compelling multi-media content.