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Sends an MMS defined in the XML containing slides of embedded with video, audio, images and/or text to a single number in international number format. The sendMMS is a minor extension of the saveMMS function. Note, while elements may be given in any order, the slides are created in the order given in the API call.

While the sendMMS API method allows sending slides containing video elements, it's not recommended as it introduces latency during the call. Therefore, Sinch suggests strongly that you use the saveMMS API call to submit video content and then Sinch MMS service can transcode the contents in advance before you request the sendSavedMMS API call.

If the sendMMS API is used to send the same content to multiple users, at present the Sinch application doesn't cache this content as such the content will need to be uploaded for each request. This is another reason Sinch suggests that you use combination of saveMMS and sendSavedMMS API calls.

The mandatory parameter ‘fallback-sms-text’ sets the text that's sent if the MMS is delivered via an SMS link. Additionally, if the MMS is delivered via an SMS link, the ‘fallback-sms-link-expiration’ parameter can be used to expire the original MMS link. The content on the MMS link is disabled on the date defined by the parameter. By default, it expires 365 days from the date the original MMS was created.

Request Parameters:

Mandatory: action, api_key, to, from, name, slide, fallback-sms-text, service-id

Optional: operatorid, campaignRef, message-subject, image, audio, video, url, text, duration, vcard, ical, pdf, passbook, message-text, fallback-sms-link-expiration

Response Parameters:

status, to, mmsId, trackingId, errorCode, errorInfo

Related Error Codes:

All saveMMS Error Codes plus E110, E111, E201, E628

Request Example

sendMMS Request

    <message-subject>The subject</message-subject>
        <message-text>Here is some text blah blah ...</message-text>

Response examples

sendMMS Success Response

    <status-details>MMS request accepted and queued for delivery</status-details>

sendMMS Failure Response

    <error-info>Invalid shortcode</error-info>
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