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This guide will instruct you on how to get started using the Sinch Numbers API. The steps below will walk you through account creation and help you gather the information you'll need to configure the Numbers API for SMS, Voice, or both.

Let's get started!

Account required!
Using the Numbers API requires signing up for a free account on the Sinch Customer Dashboard. If you haven't already done so, sign up now!

1. Get your Project ID

Get your Project ID. Next, you'll need your project ID, which can be found in the Customer Dashboard under Setting, then Projects. Copy your Project ID and keep it handy. You'll need it for every endpoint in the Numbers API.

2. Get credentials

Get your Client ID and Client Secret. The client ID and client secret will serve as your username name and password for this API. These access keys are also found in the Customer Dashboard. Go to Settings, then Access keys.

The client ID will be readily visible. The secret ID, however, will only be visible upon new key creation. Create a new key and then save your secret ID in a safe place.


You will need both the client ID and the client secret for most endpoints in the Numbers API.

3. Select a language

Now, you're ready to search for a virtual number. These guides will walk you through setting up a simple application in the following languages:

REST API guides

You can access the Numbers API directly through HTTP requests. Select your preferred language and learn how to set up a simple application:

Unified SDK guides

Our Unified SDKs provide cross-product functionality and streamline code development. Select your preferred language SDK and set up a simple application:

Additional resources

Want the whole OpenAPI specification? View it here.

If at any point you need more help, you can find support documentation and answers to frequently asked questions in the Sinch Support Community.

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