Working with virtual numbers in your dashboard

View, search and get virtual numbers as well as configure your SMS settings and submit supporting documentation all inside your dashboard.

View virtual numbers

To see your list of virtual numbers and configure your SMS settings, log in to your dashboard. Go to Numbers > Your Virtual Numbers

view numbers

Click any number, scroll to the SMS configuration, Campaign id configuration or Voice configuration, click EDIT, make your changes and click SAVE.

number configuration

Buy virtual numbers

You can get numbers that are set up for SMS, Voice, or both. You can buy a number from any country where Sinch has numbers in inventory. Countries with numbers available for purchase are marked with Direct Access. All other countries will require you to submit a request to Sinch for manual handling.

You can search for and purchase virtual numbers by logging in to your dashboard.

  1. Go to Numbers | Get virtual numbers , fill in the required information, and click SEARCH . If you don't want to specify anything about the number, choose your country and click SEARCH . Available numbers to buy are displayed in the list.
  2. When you see a number you want to buy, click GET next to the number to buy it.
  3. You can configure your number with an SMS, Voice or Campaign ID (only for 10DLC numbers) when you activate the number.

    When you get a virtual number, if supporting documentation is needed, you will see a message in an orange box at the bottom of your form. You won't be able to get a virtual number until supporting documentation is submitted. Click here to learn more about supporting documentation.

Submit supporting documentation for virtual numbers

You can manage and create regulatory bundles, if needed, which are required to get certain types of virtual numbers in the US and virtual numbers in other countries. To create this bundle, go to Supporting Documentation supporting documentation

As a US customer you will have 2 options, IMPORT BUNDLE or NEW BUNDLE. IMPORT BUNDLE is used if you already have registered a 10DLC brand in the TCR portal while NEW BUNDLE should be used if you need help from Sinch to create your brand registration. NEW BUNDLE is also the method to use if you would like to register a company outside the US to get virtual numbers.

Import Bundle

Click IMPORT BUNDLE and create your import bundle request by giving the request a name. Then hit CREATE

import bundle

In next step, add your already existing brand id and hit NEXT

brand id

A verification e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address registered within the TCR portal for that brand. You can either copy the code or click the e-mail link to complete the registration.

complete registration

Create new bundle

Click NEW BUNDLE and fill in the form with the required information. Click CREATE.

new bundle

Then, fill in the bundle details and click SUBMIT TO REVIEW.

submit bundle for review

Often the bundle is approved instantly, but in some cases a manual approval is needed. If so, you will be notified via e-mail when the bundle is approved.

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