Verify a user using SMS PIN with Java

This guide shows how to verify a user in a Java application using the Verification API to make an SMS PIN verification.

The following diagram demonstrates the flow that happens to verify a user:


  1. The end user visits your website or service and tries to log in.
  2. Your backend then makes a request to the Sinch platform and initiates an SMS PIN verification request.
  3. The Sinch platform sends an SMS message with a one time PIN code to the phone number of the user.
  4. The user enters the code they received.
  5. Your backend makes a report verification request using the code the user entered.
  6. If the code matches, your backend will receive a success result from Sinch.
  7. The user, now verified, can proceed to log in to your site or service.

Next steps

Now you're ready to get started by initiating a verification request.