Text to Speech Voices

The table on this page describes the available voices, languages, and locales which can be used in various text to speech functions with the Voice API.


You can implement the different languages and voices in the following ways:

  1. Using the locale ID. For instance, to specify US English, use en-US . If you use only the locale ID, the voice used will be the locale default as listed in the table.
  2. Using the locale ID and specifying gender. For instance, to specify a female voice in US English, use en-US/female . If you only specify the locale and gender, the voice used will be the locale/gender default as listed in the table.
  3. Using the Voice ID. If you want to use a specific voice, use the Voice ID as listed in the table.

Accepted values are not case-sensitive. th-th and th-TH are both acceptable values. Additionally, Joanna and joanna are both acceptable values.

Voice Table

Language Locale Voice ID Gender Locale default Locale/gender default
Arabic arb Zeina Female
Azerbaijani az-AZ Banu Female
Azerbaijani az-AZ Babek Male
Catalan ca-ES Arlet Female
Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional) zh-HK HiuGaai Female
Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional) zh-HK HiuMaan Female
Chinese (Cantonese, Traditional) zh-HK WanLung Male
Chinese, Mandarin cmn-CN Zhiyu Female
Croatian hr-HR Gabrijela Female
Croatian hr-HR Srecko Male
Czech cs-CZ Vlasta Female
Czech cs-CZ Antonin Male
Danish da-DK Naja Female
Danish da-DK Mads Male
Dutch nl-NL Lotte Female
Dutch nl-NL Ruben Male
English (Australian) en-AU Nicole Female
English (Australian) en-AU Olivia Female
English (Australian) en-AU Russell Male
English (British) en-GB Amy Female
English (British) en-GB Emma Female
English (British) en-GB Brian Male
English (British) en-GB Arthur Male
English (Indian) en-IN Aditi Female
English (Indian) en-IN Raveena Female
English (Indian) en-IN Kajal Female
English (New Zealand) en-NZ Aria Female
English (South Africa) en-ZA Ayanda Female
English (US) en-US Ivy Female (child)
English (US) en-US Joanna Female
English (US) en-US Kendra Female
English (US) en-US Kimberly Female
English (US) en-US Salli Female
English (US) en-US Joey Male
English (US) en-US Justin Male (child)
English (US) en-US Kevin Male (child)
English (US) en-US Matthew Male
English (Welsh) en-GB-WLS Geraint Male
Estonian et-EE Anu Female
Estonian et-EE Kert Male
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH Angelo Male
Filipino (Philippines) fil-PH Blessica Female
Finnish fi-FI Suvi Female
French fr-FR Céline/Celine Female
French fr-FR Léa Female
French fr-FR Mathieu Male
French (Canadian) fr-CA Chantal Female
French (Canadian) fr-CA Gabrielle Female
French (Canadian) fr-CA Liam Male
Georgian ka-GE Eka Female
Georgian ka-GE Giorgi Male
German de-DE Marlene Female
German de-DE Vicki Female
German de-DE Hans Male
German de-DE Daniel Male
German (Austrian) de-AT Hannah Female
Greek el-GR Athina Female
Greek el-GR Nestoras Male
Hindi hi-IN Aditi Female
Hindi hi-IN Kajal Female
Hungarian hu-HU Noemi Female
Hungarian hu-HU Tamas Male
Icelandic is-IS Dóra/Dora Female
Icelandic is-IS Karl Male
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID Ardi Male
Indonesian (Indonesia) id-ID Gadis Female
Italian it-IT Carla Female
Italian it-IT Bianca Female
Italian it-IT Giorgio Male
Japanese ja-JP Mizuki Female
Japanese ja-JP Takumi Male
Korean ko-KR Seoyeon Female
Maltese mt-MT Grace Female
Maltese mt-MT Joseph Male
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY Osman Male
Malay (Malaysia) ms-MY Yasmin Female
Norwegian nb-NO Liv Female
Latvian lv-LV Everita Female
Latvian lv-LV Nils Male
Lithuanian lt-LT Ona Female
Lithuanian lt-LT Leonas Male
Polish pl-PL Ewa Female
Polish pl-PL Maja Female
Polish pl-PL Jacek Male
Polish pl-PL Jan Male
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR Camila Female
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR Vitória/Vitoria Female
Portuguese (Brazilian) pt-BR Ricardo Male
Portuguese (European) pt-PT Inês/Ines Female
Portuguese (European) pt-PT Cristiano Male
Romanian ro-RO Carmen Female
Russian ru-RU Tatyana Female
Russian ru-RU Maxim Male
Spanish (European) es-ES Conchita Female
Spanish (European) es-ES Lucia Female
Spanish (European) es-ES Enrique Male
Spanish (Mexican) es-MX Mia Female
Spanish (US) es-US Lupe Female
Spanish (US) es-US Penélope/Penelope Female
Spanish (US) es-US Miguel Male
Spanish (US) es-US Pedro Male
Slovak sk-SK Viktoria Female
Slovak sk-SK Lukas Male
Slovenian sl-SI Petra Female
Slovenian sl-SI Rok Male
Swedish sv-SE Astrid Female
Thai (Thailand) th-TH Achara Female
Thai (Thailand) th-TH Niwat Male
Thai (Thailand) th-TH Premwadee Female
Turkish tr-TR Filiz Male
Ukrainian uk-UA Polina Female
Ukrainian uk-UA Ostap Male
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ Madina Female
Uzbek (Uzbekistan) uz-UZ Sardor Male
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN HoaiMy Female
Vietnamese (Vietnam) vi-VN NamMinh Male
Welsh cy-GB Gwyneth Female
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