First Time Setup

Follow this step-by-step guide to set up the Sinch Voice and Video SDK for the first time.

Register an Application

  1. Register a Sinch Developer account here .
  2. Setup a new Application using the Dashboard where you can then obtain an Application Key and an Application Secret .


The Sinch SDK can be downloaded here. It contains: the sinch.min.js, this user guide, reference documentation, and sample apps for calling.

Add the Sinch library

There are many ways to include Sinch in your project, enabling you to select a suitable method depending on how your project is set up.

Hosted with your webapp

You can host the library co-located with your website and include Sinch using

<script src="sinch.min.js"></script>

Load from Sinch CDN by version

If you prefer to load a particular version from our CDN, use

<script src="//<version>/sinch-rtc-min.js"></script>

Load from Sinch CDN

If you prefer to always load the latest version from our CDN, use

<script src="//"></script>

Reference Applications

View our JavaScript reference applications here

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