Minimum Requirements

When using the Javascript SDK on desktop, we recommend using the latest browser version. Currently, the SDK only has support for Chrome and Safari.

We don't support push notifications on Safari yet. Coming soon.

The table below shows browser support for each type of demo available in Sinch RTC Reference Applications:

Demo type Chrome Safari foldername
In-app voice voicecall
In-app video videocall
In-app voice to phone callnumber
In-app voice to SIP callsip

Restrictions on User IDs

User IDs must not be longer than 255 bytes, must only contain URL-safe characters, and be restricted to the following character set:


If you need to use User IDs containing characters outside the allowed set above, you could consider base64-encoding the raw User IDs using a URL-safe base64 alphabet as described in https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc4648#section-5. Note how the allowed character set overlaps with the URL-safe base64 alphabet, but doesn't allow characters in the non-URL-safe alphabet, for example / (forward slash) and + (plus sign).

Encryption Export Regulations

Please check the Summary of U.S. Export Controls Applicable to Commercial Encryption Products and ensure that the application is registered for the Encryption Regulations, if applicable. It can be found under this link.


The Sinch SDK client uploads statistics to the Sinch servers at the end of a call, a call failure, or a similar event. The statistics are used for the monitoring of network status, call quality, and other aspects regarding the general quality of the service.

Some of the information is not anonymous and may be associated with the User ID call participants.

The statistics upload is done by the client in the background.

Third-Party libraries and Copyright Notices

All Third Party Libraries and Copyright notices can be found under this link.

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