Phone numbers

How should a phone number (MSISDN) be formatted in E.164? Sinch provides utility tools that help with correct formatting.

The phone number should be specified according to the E.164 number formatting ( recommendation and should be prefixed with a +. For example, to verify the US phone number 415 555 0101, the phone number should be specified as +14155550101. The + is the required prefix and the US country code 1 prepended to the local subscriber number.

The Android SDK provides API for formatting phone numbers. The primary class for this functionality is PhoneNumberUtils. The function formatNumberToE164 should be especially useful to convert the number user has typed to format accepted by the Sinch API. A key thing when parsing user input as a phone number is the concept of default country ISO. If a user enters their number in a local format, the parsing must know which region / country to assume. Sinch SDK provides a simple helper method to get the default country ISO code.

Example usage:

// Get user's current country code by carrier info
val defaultCountryIso = SinchPhoneNumberUtils.getDefaultCountryIso()
WARNING: Important

When passing a number as a string to create a Verification, the string should contain a number in E.164 format.

A number can be formatted as E.164 like this:

val phoneNumberInE164 = PhoneNumberUtils.formatNumberToE164(phoneNumberString, defaultRegion);
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