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Send SMS

Learn how to set up and send a message with SMS and Conversation API.

Add an SMS Channel to your Conversations API App Beta

In this section, you will learn how to add an SMS channel to your Sinch Conversations API Application. You can an your SMS channel one of two ways: either programmatically via Sinch Conversation API or through the Sinch online portal. Before we begin here are a few items you should already have:

  1. A text enabled long code or a short code registered with Sinch.
  2. Access to the Sinch dashboard where you manage your long code or short code.
  3. An SMS Service Plan ID and Secret to authorize SMS text message requests.
  4. A Conversations App ID and Token.

If you are missing any of items 1-3 above you should begin by registering online at We'll show you how to create a New Conversations App for item 4 since its a very simple set of steps.

Create a New Conversations App

To create a new Conversations App, simply sign in to your Sinch Dashboard account and use the left hand navigation to access Conversations > Apps.

dashboard imagedashboard image)

Click on the New App button on the right, "Name" your App and click Create. You will be presented with a New Token, copy and store it somewhere safe, you will need it when using the Conversation API.

That's it, you have created a Sinch Conversations API App!

Add an SMS Channel to your Conversations App

In your Sinch Dashboard, navigate to Conversations > Apps. Click on the "App Name" you wish to add the SMS Channel to.

app addedapp added

Under Channels click on "Add Channel". Use the drop down to select "SMS", add your SMS Service Plan ID to the "Sender ID" field, and your SMS Service Plan API Token to the channel and click "Save".

new sms channelnew sms channel

You have added an SMS Channel to your App. Just a few more steps to go.

Send an SMS Message to a Contact

To send an SMS message to a Contact via the Sinch Conversations API App, send an HTTP POST with the following JSON:

curl --location --request POST '{project_id}/messages:send' \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-u '<client_id:client_secret>' \
-d '{
    "app_id": "{{YOUR_APP_ID}}",
    "recipient": {
        "identified_by": {
            channel_identities: [
    "message": {
        "text_message": {
            "text": "Text message from Sinch Conversation API."

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Send SMS

Learn how to set up and send a message with SMS and Conversation API.

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