Conversation API Release Notes

See how the Sinch Conversation API is evolving and find out about new features and bug fixes.


  • Add Processing Mode documentation
  • Improve descriptions of several APIs
  • Add more information to unsupported callbacks webhook
  • Add support to conversation MO metadata


  • Release of LINE channel support Beta


  • Improve Apple BC card message with rich link transcoding


  • Release of Apple Business Chat channel support Beta


  • Allow 4 digit short code senders for the MMS channel
  • Correctly populate the ViberBM DR timestamp


  • Improve Instagram icebreaker, shop product referral and story reply callbacks with metadata


  • Added support for Instagram private replies feature


  • Added supporting for Telegram Card & Choice Messages


  • Improved validation of Location and Choice Messages for Facebook Messenger
  • Bugfix for timestamps in Viber Business contact messages
  • Improve Instagram setup process with Facebook login button


  • Facebook Media Messages now support image, audio, video and document types
  • Improved error messages for MMS channel media validation
  • Viber Bot channel user profile query support


  • Release of KakaoTalk channel support Beta
  • Improvements in validating content for WhatsApp message requests
  • Validation of phone number contact identities


  • Release of Telegram channel support Beta


  • Improvements in transcoding of CardMessage and CarouselMessage for Instagram channel


  • Improvements on MMS channel for handling choice responses and contact messages that contain media attachments
  • Improvements in message request validation
  • Enable setting contact metadata in message request for newly created contacts
  • Handling of Suspended state for WhatsApp bots


  • Bugfixes in the CardMessage text formatting on WhatsApp and Viber Business channels
  • Improvements for WhatsApp channel error response mapping and forwarding
  • Support for vCard .vcf files on MMS channel in MediaMessage and CardMessage
  • Support for MMSSTRICTVALIDATION channel property to validate MMS media message contents against best practices
  • Support for contact based retention policy
  • New feature in Contact Management: enables fetching user profile from channels (this first release only supports Facebook Messenger)


  • Release of Instagram channel support Beta


  • Bugfix for supporting RCS CardMessage without media
  • Improvements in retention policy execution


  • Improved request body validation
  • Support for SMS_SENDER channel property to populate originator on SMS channel
  • Added support for sending and receiving documents on Viber Business Messaging
  • Improved error response mapping and forwarding on Viber Business and SMS channels
  • Bugfix for keeping card order in RCS CarouselMessages


  • Improvements in Viber Business Messaging transcoding with text formatting
  • Various bugfixes


  • Add support for MMS
  • Add validation of URLs in MT messages
  • Add validation against duplicated callback triggers
  • Handle ChoiceResponseMessages on Viber Bot that have no match in the choice tracking data
  • Fix prematurely closed HTTP connection exceptions for WhatsApp
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