Using common verification configuration for multiple methods

Using verification parameters (number, reference etc.) for different verification methods.

If your application allows the user to authenticate via various verification methods, it might be more readable to initiate the verification using VerificationInitData and CommonVerificationInitializationParameters.


VerificationInitData is a structure that holds all the parameters that can be passed to a verification configuration object and additionally is a method used to verify the phone number.

private var initData: VerificationInitData {
    return VerificationInitData(
        usedMethod: VerificationMethodType.sms,
        number: "+123456789",
        custom: "ExampleCustom",
        reference: nil,
        honoursEarlyReject: true,
        acceptedLanguages: [])

In case of iOS there are no method specific parameters but the method specific builders have been implemented for future development purposes and same SDK design as in Android.


Contrary to VerificationInitData that holds parameters of configuration objects, CommonVerificationInitializationParameters collects Verification instance properties and is designed to work together with VerificationInitData:

private var commonConfig: CommonVerificationInitializationParameters {
    return CommonVerificationInitializationParameters(
        globalConfig: self.globalConfig,
        verificationInitData: self.initData,
        initalizationListener: self,
        verificationListener: self


Download the sample application and decide which Verification object creation suits your needs best.

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