Improving verification performance with a great UI

Improve verification performance with great UI. Here is a UI that will capture correct input from the user.

For better verification performance, it should be straightforward and easy for users to enter their phone numbers. To simplify this step and build a UI that accurately captures the correct input from the users, the Sinch SDK provides some utility APIs.


Sinch SDK provides special class PhoneNumberUITextField that can replace default UITextField for phone number input. It automatically formats partially entered phone numbers based on the countryIso property. It also allows you to get the phone number the user has typed in E164 representation that can be directly passed to Verification object. Example usage:

  let textField = PhoneNumberUITextField()
  textField.countryIso = "US" //Uses SinchPhoneNumberUtils.defaultCountryIso by default
  //Get E164 phone representation
  let e164PhoneNumber = textField.e164Number


If you prefer to use the built in UITextField or your custom text field implementation, the SinchPhoneNumberUtils class might be useful for phone number checking and validation purposes. Methods defined there allow you to convert local phone numbers to E164 format (formatNumberToE164) or check if the phone number is valid for given country code (isPossiblePhoneNumber).

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