Getting started

This guide will instruct you on how to get started using the Sinch SMS API. Before you can start sending SMS messages, you need to complete some basic configuration steps:

1. Sign up

Sign up for an account on the Sinch Customer Dashboard: Using the SMS API starts with the Customer Dashboard. Sign up for a free account. If you already have an account, skip this step.
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Click here to learn how to sign up.

2. Get a number

Get your free Sinch testing number. When you sign up for a Sinch Customer Dashboard account, you get a free virtual number for testing.Copy your virtual number and use it to send test messages.
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Click here to learn how get a number from Sinch.

3. Get credentials

Get your API Token and Service Plan ID: API tokens are used to authenticate calls when using the SMS API. These tokens (sent via bearer authentication) are created in the Customer Dashboard automatically with each service plan. Find your Service Plan ID on the APIs page under the SMS tab. Click Show to view your API token.
Need to start a new service plan?
A service plan is automatically assigned upon Customer Dashboard account creation. However, to create another service plan, follow these instructions.
Most of our endpoints will request your service_plan_id, API token, and Sinch phone number. So, keep them handy.

4. Select a language

Now you're ready to get started sending messages with the SMS API.

These guides will walk you through setting up a simple application in the following languages:

Additional resources

View the whole API Reference.

If at any point you need more help, you can find support documentation and answers to frequently asked questions in the Sinch Support Community.