Sinch Java SDK

The Sinch SMS Java SDK helps you interact with the SMS API from your Java Application. This guide helps you set up SMS SDK in your application.

Installing with a package manager

Gradle (build.gradle)Maven (pom.xml)
dependencies {
implementation 'com.sinch:sdk-sms:1.*'

//Sinch SDK i hosted by maven so make you have MavenCentral in your repositories
repositories {
//In **Maven**, please put the lines below in your **pom.xml**

Install JAR

While we recommend using a package manager (like the ones above) to track the dependencies in your application, it's possible to download and use the Java SDK by downloading a pre-built jar file. Select the directory for the latest version and download one of these jar files:

  • sdk-sms-{version}-jar-with-dependencies.jar
  • sdk-sms-{version}.jar

Importing jar with IntelliJ

Follow this step:

File -> Project Structure -> Modules -> Plus Sign -> Browse the SDK SMS Jar.

Importing jar with Eclipse

Follow this step:

Project -> Build Path -> Configure Build Path -> Libraries -> Add Jar.

Send and receive SMS with Java

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