Sending messages

For sending messages, submit_sm and data_sm can be used.

When sending more data in the message body or data field than can be submitted in a single submission to the carrier, Sinch will split transactions. These are charged as multiple transaction events.

To help ensure successful delivery, we'll review the way Sinch interprets source and destination addresses below.

Source address

As the interpretation of TON and NPI values has been different depending on carriers and aggregators, we’ll clarify the way we interpret TON and NPI values.

Any values other than those listed below will be interpreted as TON 0x0 and NPI 0x1.

Source Address Arrives on handset
Sent to Sinch Type Of Number(TON) Number Plan Indicator(NPI)
00461234567889 0x00 Unknown 0x01 MSISDN 046123456789
01234567889 0x00 Unknown 0x01 MSISDN 123456789
461234567889 0x01 International 0x01 MSISDN +46123456789
1234567889 0x02 National 0x01 MSISDN 123456789
Sinch 0x05 Alphanumeric 0x00 Unknown Sinch

The type of source address is defined by the source address TON and NPI parameters.

  • Alphanumeric sender is limited to a maximum length of 11 characters.
  • MSISDN sender maximum length is 18.
  • To enable a handset to respond to a short code, we recommend using TON=0x00 and NPI=0x01.

Destination address

A sinch destination address should always be sent as the E.164 CC + NDC + subscriber number. This is also referred to as the “MSISDN” of a subscriber. For further information on the MSISDN format, see the ITU-T specification E.164.

Sent to Sinch Type Of Number (TON) Number Plan Indicator (NPI)
46123456789 0x01 | International 0x01 | MSISDN

Status report formatting

Sinch follows the delivery receipt formatting outlined in SMPP Protocol Specification v3.4 Issue 1.2, Appendix B. Contact your account manager to add additional information to the delivery receipt by including MCC/MNC information.

MCC + MNC in status reports

MCC + MNC information in SMPP delivery receipts can be included as an optional parameter. This information, optionally configured per SMPP account, is passed in a vendor-specific TLV (0x1403).

In the value field, you will receive the MCC + MNC of the destination operator.


Optional parameter: 0x1403 (0x1403):

  • Tag: 0x1403
  • Length: 6
  • Value (hex): 32 33 34 33 30 00 (Text: 23430n)

Result is MCC=234 and MNC=30

Next Step

Review the receiving messages SMPP documentation.

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