WhatsApp migration guide

If you are an existing Sinch customer using the standalone WhatsApp API, this guide provides instructions on how to migrate to the Conversation API, create a Conversation API app, and configure the WhatsApp channel for that app.


The majority of the functionality provided by the standalone WhatsApp API is supported by the WhatsApp channel of the Conversation API. However, the following features are not natively supported by the Conversation API:

  • Marking mobile-originated messages as "Read"
  • Adding a number to a block list
  • Stickerpack Management
  • Media Provider functionality

This guide provides information on how to get started with the Conversation API, along with reference material to aid you in your migration.

Document change log

This is currently a living document, and it is updated based on feedback from existing users. Any major updates made to the WhatsApp migration documents are recorded below:


  • Added a tutorial on how to transform standalone WhatsApp API send message requests into Conversation API send message requests



  • Migration guide published


  • Document change log created
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