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The Sinch server side SMS SDKs are available for Java, PHP and Python. Download the file and add it to your project. To send your first message, please make sure you have signed up first.

Java SDK




Python SDK


Voice & Video

The Sinch Voice and Video SDKs are available for iOS, Android and JavaScript. The downloads provides Sinch SDK Framework for Voice and Video, Documentation, Sample application for app-to-app, app-to-phone calling and conference calling and Video.

Please make sure you have signed up and created an app.


Starting with iOS 13 and Xcode 11, Apple mandates the use of CallKit when PushKit is used. An iOS app must report incoming calls with CallKit in the didReceiveIncomingPush callback or the app will be terminated. And, if an app repeatedly does this, or if it repeatedly fails not to report an incoming call, the system may stop launching the app for VoIP pushes altogether. See Apple's anouncement here.

We have released a new version of our iOS SDK (4.x) to comply with Apple's new directives, starting with this new version we'll only support VoIP Push with CallKit, if our customers want to use push notifications that are not VoIP push/CallKit related, they will have to use regular Push via iOS UserNotifications Framework, Sinch SDK will not handle it anymore.

Similar to iOS SDK, Android SDK in the near future will stop to sending notifications that are not Voice or Video initiation related (VoIP Push).

Our Managed Push Service will soon start to block all messages that are not VoIP related. We are doing this to avoid old iOS & Android Clients to send regular push notifications via VoIP Push, this would cause iOS13 clients to be throtlled by APN, and consequently stop receving any push notification. Also this will optimize our Managed Push Service to handle only VoIP related pushes, which are our focus.


Sinch iOS SDK major update. Added support to iOS VoIP push and latest WEBRTC.

Android SDK

Java 8 compatible.
Release Notes, Download Integrity

JavaScript SDK


Sinch Instant Messaging feature will be discontinued by March 2020

Our IM feature has become obsolete and will be discontinued soon. Existing users can still use this feature until March 2020, but from now on our latest SDK releases will not support it anymore.


The Sinch Verification SDKs are available for iOS, Android and JavaScript.

Starting from v.2.0.0 the Android SDK is distributed on jCenter. For more info refer to first time setup. Last legacy version (1.6.1) can be downloaded as a zip here.

iOS version is distributed via CocoaPods. For more info refer to first time setup.

For Javascript download the file, unpack it and add it to your project. The downloads provide Sinch SDK Framework, Documentation and Sample applications.

Please make sure you have signed up and created an app.



Android SDK


JavaScript SDK


API Helper Libraries

Voice & Video and Verification

To help you to integrate Sinch even faster, we have built a number of API libraries to help you use Sinch in your language of choice.