Integrating delivery feedback with Node.js

In this tutorial, we will walk through how to integrate delivery feedback for an SMS batch or message.

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What's covered?
  • Setting up a Sinch application in Node.js
  • Enabling feedback for a batch
  • Sending a request with delivery feedback

At the end of this tutorial, you will have integrated delivery feedback for a batch, enabling Sinch to determine the most successful routes for your messages.

Why integrate delivery feedback?

Help us help you!

If you have a way of validating receipt of a message, we can help you better reach your customers when you provide us with your delivery feedback.

Delivery reports from operators are not always accurate or available in near realtime. By setting a batch or message up for delivery feedback, together with you, Sinch can count completion rates.

The backend system will look at all messages marked with feedback and count how many got delivery feedback sent to us from your customers. Using that feedback, we can optimize our routing algorithms to better distribute messages over available routes. If the completion rate for a particular route decreases, our routing logic can automatically switch to use another route with better delivery stats.

What is delivery feedback?

Delivery feedback is provided by customers to Sinch.

You can tell Sinch that you expect an action by the end users to take place by flagging the in the initial request. Once the recipient completes the expected action, you'll let Sinch know via another call to our API. This completion notification is called delivery feedback.

The most common example of a transaction flow for a delivery feedback loop is a two-factor authentication code. The action, in that case, will be the end user typing in the code.

Most of the time, your message will go through. If it doesn't, your delivery feedback provided to Sinch can help us better determine the best routes.

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