Setting up Instagram to allow sending messages

Before you start sending test messages to your Instagram business account, you will need access to the following:


Sinch Conversation API for Instagram messaging service is only available as a Closed Beta integration. To add the Instagram messaging service to your App, you should contact Sinch Account Manager.

For testing purposes, you will need one test Instagram business account. You can create a new Instagram business account by creating a new or renaming an existing account with "test_" as a prefix to your username. For example:


Test Instagram business accounts will only receive Instagram messages from users that are added as a tester, developer or admin of the Facebook App linked with the Instagram Account.

Create an Instagram Business Account


If you already have an Instagram business account you can skip this step.

On Instagram platform, you can convert your personal profile to a business account or create a new one using this guide.

Only business accounts can send and receive messages using the Conversation API Instagram integration.

Create a Facebook Page


If you already have a Facebook Page you can skip this step.

To send and receive message using the Instagram messaging service, you need a Facebook Page connected to your Instagram business account. You can learn how to create a Facebook Page here.

Create a Facebook App


If you already have a Facebook App you can skip this step.

To set up the Instagram messaging service, you need a Facebook App. If you need to create one, follow this guide.

Connect the Facebook Page to the Instagram Business Account

  1. Access the settings section of your Facebook Page.

    Facebook Page

  2. Navigate to the Instagram section and click the Connect Account button and login to your Instagram business account.

    Facebook Page Settings Instagram

  3. Your Instagram account is now connected to your Facebook Page.

    Facebook Page Settings Instagram Connected

Enable Connected Tools in Instagram Business Account

In order to send messages using the Instagram messaging service you must enable Connected Tools in the Instagram business account.

  1. In the Instagram app Settings menu, navigate to the Privacy section.
  2. In the Privacy menu, navigate to the Messages section.
  3. In the Message Controls menu, enable Allow Access to Messages under the Connected Tools section.

Instagram Connected Tools

Generate the Instagram Access Token

  1. Log in to the and select your App.

    Facebook App - Instagram Settings

  2. Click Add or Remove Pages and select your Instagram business account and your Facebook Page.

    Facebook App - Select IG

  3. On this page, you can see all Facebook Pages that are connected to your Facebook App.

    Facebook App - Pages

  4. Click the Generate Token button to generate an Instagram Access Token.

In order to generate a token, the Facebook Page must be connected to an Instagram Business Account.

Facebook App - Token Popup

Now you can use the generated Instagram Access Token to set up your Conversation API Instagram integration.

Getting the App Secret from the Facebook App

You can find the App Secret for you app in the Settings > Basic > App Secret (click in show)

Facebook App Secret