Setting up Instagram to allow sending messages

Before you start sending test messages to your Instagram business account, you will need access to the following:

When you have all the items above, you can proceed to connecting your Instagram business account to Conversation API.

Create an Instagram Business Account


If you already have an Instagram business account you can skip this step.

On Instagram platform, you can convert your personal profile to a business account or create a new one using this guide.

Only business accounts can send and receive messages using the Conversation API Instagram integration.

Create a Facebook Page


If you already have a Facebook Page you can skip this step.

To send and receive message using the Instagram messaging service, you need a Facebook Page connected to your Instagram business account. You can learn how to create a Facebook Page here.

Connect the Facebook Page to the Instagram Business Account

  1. Access the settings section of your Facebook Page.

    Facebook Page

  2. Navigate to the Instagram section and click the Connect Account button and login to your Instagram business account.

    Facebook Page Settings Instagram

  3. When clicking in Connect Account, make sure to switch on and allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox.

    Allow access to Instagram messages in Inbox

  4. Your Instagram account is now connected to your Facebook Page.

    Facebook Page Settings Instagram Connected

Enable Connected Tools in Instagram Business Account

In order to send messages using the Instagram messaging service you must enable Connected Tools in the Instagram business account.

  1. In the Instagram app Settings menu, navigate to the Privacy section.
  2. In the Privacy menu, navigate to the Messages section.
  3. In the Message Controls menu, enable Allow Access to Messages under the Connected Tools section.

Instagram Connected Tools

Connecting your Instagram account with Conversation API

After you followed the previous steps to create an Instagram business account and connected it to a Facebook page, you can head to your app in Conversation API and select Instagram channel to setup.

You can then use the button Log In With Facebook and take the following steps to authorize Conversation API on your Instagram business account and Facebook page:

  1. First, select your Instagram business account:

    Select Instagram business account

  2. Then, select the page that was connected with that Instagram account:

    Select Facebook page

  3. Finally, make sure that all required permissions are given to Conversation API:

    Finish setup

When your account has successfully been connected, you will see an "active" symbol next to the login button, which indicates that the Instagram channel is now configured on your Conversation API app.

If the integration fails, please refer to the Troubleshooting section for more information.


When connecting multiple Instagram apps on Conversation API, please make sure to not unselect previously configured accounts and pages on steps 1 an 2, or else their integration with Conversation API will stop working.

Moving Page from an existing non-Sinch App

In case you used this page in another Facebook App before, it's good to double-check some specific settings regarding the Handover Protocol. Otherwise, you can skip this section and your integration is ready to use.

  1. Access the settings section of your Facebook Page.

    Facebook Page

  2. Go to Advanced Messaging and click in Instagram receiver

    Facebook Page

  3. Then, check if a different App is selected and select the Sinch App you just connected to in the dashboard (previous step).

    Facebook Page

Removing Instagram Integration

If you wish to completely remove Instagram integration with one of your Conversation API apps, you can take the following steps:

  1. Navigate to your Conversation API app and select the Instagram channel.
  2. Click on the Reset Integration button.
  3. Navigate to Facebook's Business Integration Settings and follow this guide to revoke the permissions given for your Facebook page and Instagram account. If you have multiple Instagram accounts integrated with Conversation API, make sure to only revoke the permissions for the page and Instagram account that you are detaching from Conversation API.


After performing the Facebook login, you may experience one of the following common errors.

This indicates that you selected a page that's not configured with the respective Instagram account. Make sure that they're connected by following these steps.

The user selected more than one page to relate to this app

This indicates that you selected more than one page during the login process. Make sure that you select a single Instagram account and a single Facebook page.

The user didn't select any page or the app doesn't have permission to list the user's pages

This indicates that you didn't select any pages during the login process. Make sure that you select a single Instagram account and a single Facebook page.

This error may also happen if the app wasn't given the required permissions on the final login step, make sure all permissions are enabled.

The Facebook login worked and the integration is active, however messages are not being received in the registered webhook

This could be some misconfiguration in the Instagram Account or Facebook Page, please check again if the Page is allowed to access Instagram messages in Inbox here.

Also, if you had integrated this page with another App before, please check this section.

This situation could also happen when connected tools are not enabled, try the following steps.