Capability checking

To understand the level of RCS capabilities of a device, it may be necessary to perform a capability check.

By identifying the RCS features a device does or doesn't support, it allows you to tailor messages to the capabilities of the user's device, or choose to communicate with them using a different channel.

When sending a message to a user via the Sinch RCS, an inline capability check is always performed, enabling appropriate fallback conditions to be used.

It's also possible to perform a standalone capability check using the capabilities endpoint


Some RCS suppliers don't allow standalone capability checks for technical or contractual reasons. In this event, the Sinch RCS API will return a 451 response code and a "Capability lookup not allowed" error.

   "error":"Capability lookup not allowed",
            "Capability lookup not allowed"

List of possible RCS capabilities

The following table details the possible RCS capabilities that a device may have.

Capability Description
callComposer Enrich calling pre-call setup
videoCall Video calling
chatBotCommunication Rich Card and Suggested Chip List
fileTransfer Standalone file transfer and AMR audio message
geolocationPush Geolocation information
chat Text message
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