LINE channel properties

There are LINE channel-specific properties that can be used when making calls to the Conversation API. These properties can be listed under channel_properties in the message request.

For example, below is the code for adding the channel specific property LINE_VIDEO_TRACKING_ID to a Conversation API call:

  "app_id": "{{APP_ID}}",
  "recipient": {
    "contact_id": "{{CONTACT_ID}}"
  "message": {
    "media_message": {
      "thumbnail_url": "https://url/to/your/thumbnail/image.jpg",
      "url": "https://url/to/yout/video.mp4"
  "channel_properties": {
    "LINE_VIDEO_TRACKING_ID": "my-unique-video-tracking-id"

The relevant LINE channel properties are detailed in the table below:

Property name Property value
LINE_VIDEO_TRACKING_ID ID used to identify the video when the video viewing complete event occurs. If you send a video message with LINE_VIDEO_TRACKING_ID added, the video viewing complete event occurs when the user finishes watching the video. You can use the same ID in multiple messages.
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