Facebook Messenger channel properties

There are Facebook Messenger channel-specific properties that can be used when making calls to the Conversation API. These properties can be listed under channel_properties in the message request.

For example, below is the code for adding the channel specific property MESSENGER_NOTIFICATION_TYPE to a Conversation API call:

  "app_id": "{{APP_ID}}",
  "recipient": {
    "contact_id": "{{CONTACT_ID}}"
  "message": {
    "text_message": {
      "text": "Text message from Sinch Conversation API."
  "channel_priority_order": ["MESSENGER"],
  "channel_properties": {

The relevant Facebook Messenger channel properties are detailed in the table below:

Property name Property value
MESSENGER_MESSAGING_TYPE Messenger messaging type. For more information visit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/send-messages/#messaging_types Defaults to MESSAGE_TAG if MESSENGER_MESSAGE_TAG is set.
MESSENGER_MESSAGE_TAG Messenger message tag. Enables sending specific updates to users outside the standard messaging window. If you want to send messages after the 24h response window, you must include the proper message tag. For more information, including a list of possible values and applicable policies, visit: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/messenger-platform/send-messages/message-tags There is no default value for this property.
MESSENGER_NOTIFICATION_TYPE Messenger push notification type. Possible values are REGULAR (sound/vibration), SILENT_PUSH (on-screen notification only) and NO_PUSH (no notification). The default is REGULAR.
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